Fassberg Construction Company

Building a Standard of Excellence


Fassberg has and continues to contract with numerous women and minority owned subcontracting companies in connection with all of our projects. We have established and are continually updating and pre-qualifying a list of MBE/WBE owned subcontractors.

Advertising through local trade publications on a regular basis, contacting minority and female community organizations, as well as accessing industry resources for recommendations are some of the methods used for soliciting interest. Selections from that list are included in the process from the bidding stage through final contract awards on all undertakings.

Upon award of contracts to any and all MBE/WBE subcontractors, we make every effort to assist them if needed in every manner in completing or complying with all project guidelines. When undertaking a Project, we endeavor to determine the make-up of all racial and ethnic groups residing in the area of the Project and, to the greatest extent feasible, consider and award subcontracts to firms that are representative of that racial and ethnic mix, both in ownership and staffing.

Furthermore, our job-site supervision and project management staff solicit, encourage and log all inquiries by local residents for potential hiring into the labor force on our projects and encourage our subcontractors to do the same.

We are intimately familiar with the Los Angeles Housing Department, Community Redevelopment Agency, HUD, and various cities’ policies regarding acceptable and reasonable Good-Faith Efforts in meeting dollar participation requirements for awards by the General Contractor to MBE/WBE subcontractors.

On each of current projects which require compliance with MBE/WBE employment guidelines, we are surpassing the minimum requirements contained in those guidelines, as we have done on all of our previous projects.

With minority employees in a variety of positions from controller to project manager/superintendent to laborer, Fassberg is committed to the construction industry and the community as a whole in the principle of equal opportunity in employment.

Available Positions at Fassberg

  • Project Managers

  • Project Engineer

  • Construction Superintendents

  • Project Administrator

  • Accounting / A-P Clerk

  • Chief Estimator